True to Nature

Scientific enquiry has begun to affirm what Ayurveda has declared for centuries - that there is nothing better than nature, to sustain, revive and rejuvenate the human body.
It is now well established that certain chemicals used for making cosmetics harm the skin temporarily with some chemicals even causing long-term damage. Skin being the largest organ of our body absorbs around 60% of what is applied on its surface; this is the reason why chemicals added in our cosmetics affect us. The chemicals absorbed through skin reaches blood. If these chemicals absorbed through skin are not metabolized in our body and start accumulating, they can be toxic for us.The Mantra range of products is created by Baidyanath, a century old institution upholding the tradition and legacy of Ayurveda by using natural ingredients only.Devoid of any harmful chemicals and preservatives, the Mantra range is a product line which is inspired by, and conforms to the Ayurvedic tradition, its discipline, and processes.

Natural products may not look as colorful and attractive as a chemical based product, which are laced with preservatives and synthetic colors. Some natural based products may contain a residue on the nozzle or bottom of a container. This is because Mantra does not compromise on its philosophy of using natural ingredients and avoids adding harmful colors, preservatives, synthetic perfume etc., only to enhance visual appeal or increase the shelf life of its product.

Mantra does not contain any of the following harmful synthetic chemicals in their products:

Parabens is a widely used preservative in about 85% of cosmetics, mainly to prevent bacteria growth. This harmful substance is known to heighten estrogenic activity leading to hormonal disturbances and infertility amongst women. They are particularly unsuitable for children of growing age as the estrogen-mimicking aspect of parabens may be a factor in the increasing prevalence of early puberty in girls. Parabens can also reduce sperm count of adult males.

SLES (Sodium lauryl ether sulfate) and its derivatives 
SLES is an inexpensive detergent and surfactant with foaming properties and is found in many personal care products. Used extensively in soaps, detergents and shampoos, SLES has been known to cause a wide range of conditions including skin and eye irritation, organ toxicity, itchiness,  flaky scalp, and premature greying and hair fall. 

Phthalates are used in a large variety of products, such as personal-care products, children's toys, pharmaceuticalsß, food products, food containers and wrappers, and personal-care items such as perfume, eye shadow, moisturizer, nail polish, liquid soap, and hair spray. Phthalates have been found to reduce levels

of testosterone that diminishes the reproductive health of adult males. The European Union has banned the use of this chemical in cosmetics, childcare articles and toys. 

Petrolatum, mineral oils, paraffin
Petroleum products are used for moisturizing the skin. However, they also clog skin pores, reducing the ability of the skin to breathe. This may cause acne. Long-term use may even lead to cancer.

Formaldehyde donors
Used as preservatives they are toxic to the immune system. In some cases they cause sensory irritation, skin sensitization, breathing difficulties and asthma.

Ethanolamines like diethanolamines (DEA) are used in the production of ingredients used in cosmetics and shampoos to give a creamy texture and foaming action. The European Commission prohibits DEA in cosmetics due to concerns about formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Synthetic colors 
Used to make cosmetics colorful and attractive, they do more harm than good. Brilliant blue, Indigo carmine and Citrus red can cause chromosomal damage and tumors in the brain and bladder. 

Synthetic Fragrances
The synthetic aromas are actually petrochemicals like Benzene, toluene, xylenes, and methanol. Repeated exposure to them has been linked to endocrine disruption and several types of cancer. Since lot chemicals going in to create fragrances are unregulated in the name of trade secret they are never tested for safety, these include numerous carcinogenic chemicals, neurotoxins, respiratory irritants, solvents, aldehydes, narcotics and much more.

Used in all cosmetic products ranging from sunscreen, moisturizer, conditioners, shampoo, and make up primers they sit on the top layer of your skin does not allow it to breathe. Silicone traps dirt, bacteria already on your skin. Irritates your skin so that acne and pimples can break out.