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Honey is one of the oldest natural medicines used by humans for various health benefits, some of the cave paintings as old as 7000 BC in Spain have early records of beekeeping. Almost all early civilizations utilised in Honey in one form or the other like sweetener, food, an offering to Gods, and an ingredient in embalming fluid. The Romans used honey not only in cooking but to heal their wounds after battle as an antiseptic, a property which is still revered in honey.

Today we know more about Honey than in past and often ask it is just combination of plant sugars fructose and glucose, why each type of honey has different qualities. The answer is that honey bee travel to different plants with different biological constituents to collect nectar, which undergoes a complex semi-digestion process in bee stomach. Each type of honey has complex mixture of sugars, vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. Honey remains so stable that a honey comb discovered in the Tomb of buried pharaoh was preserved and still eatable.

Some of the common yet effective health benefits of Honey are –
1) Honey is the excellent medicine for seasonal cough and cold – Your Grandmother will vouch for benefits of Honey in sore throat and cough, which is even accepted by World Health Organization. Honey forms a protective film in mouth and throat that relives irritation.

2) Honey mixed with peppercorns is used in allergies, difficulty in breathing due to upper respiratory tract infections in children. Honey is considered an ideal oral rehydration solution for infants and children as it contains sugars and electrolytes.

3) Honey is perfect energy booster for sport persons; it reduces muscle fatigue and improves endurance. Honey provides both instant energy glucose and sustained energy via fructose.

4) If you feel lethargic and low in morning try honey, cinnamon green tea. Use honey as substitute of sugar in tea, coffee and pancakes.
Honey is not only used as food but also as cosmetic ingredient for skin and hair care, it has hygroscopic properties which keeps skin hydrated, fresh and prevents drying.
Deep Moisturizing Mask – Honey acts as natural humectant when applied to skin directly, it provides long lasting hydration retained deep into skin layers.
Deep pore cleanser- You can mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice in honey for clarifying and cleansing of skin pores. The enzymes present in Honey prevent the bacteria build-up on skin that can lead to breakouts of acne.

Relief for acne- stubborn, painful acne can get a soothing relief by a dab of honey. Mix few drops of Teatree oil and honey apply for 10 -15 minutes, wash with tepid water.
Hair Conditioning – Mix one table spoon olive oil in three table spoon of honey, stir until a smooth consistency is reached. Apply on cleansed hairs for 15 minutes, wash with warm water. It smoothens damaged locks, works wonders for extremely dry and damaged hairs.